ThinkFast PM: June 28, 2006

Bad news for Internet freedom: the Senate Commerce Committee today rejected a network neutrality amendment, “handing cable and phone broadband access providers yet another victory.”

Chris Bowers criticizes Sen. Barack Obama’s speech on religion today for echoing the false narrative that progressives “are hostile toward people of faith.” American Progress’ Denis McDonough disagrees, saying of Bowers’ critique: “I couldn’t find it because he [Obama] didn’t say it.”

After the “[w]orldwide hysteria” over North Korea’s “imminent” missile launch, Defense Tech points out that it appears “clear that a world-class hoax had gone down.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) lambasts a Justice Department official for the administration’s use of “signing statements” to get around laws the President doesn’t like.

Poor Glenn Beck. While Glenn Beck is on the road having a mid-life crisis, the radio-turned-Headline News host’s ratings are sinking.”

And finally: A video that will make your skin crawl — a giant centipede in Venezuela snatching a bat right out of the air for dinner.