ThinkFast PM: July 7, 2006

A daily Iraq intelligence brief prepared for the U.S. military by a private contractor paints a wrenching picture: “Baghdad looks so exhausted these days and so do her people; the relentless violence, the lack of basic services and the scorching heat abolishes human desire to do anything or to even think of anything.”

$2.94: The average national price for a gallon of gas, the highest of the year.

“Why are Bush supporters celebrating today’s leak of classified information?” Glenn Greenwald asks about today’s leak of the FBI arrests of alleged terrorists, which reportedly “compromised the FBI’s relationship with some foreign intelligence services.”

The Atlantic Monthly blogs the Aspen Ideas Festival.

“Arrogance, secrecy, and bad judgment have mired us in a mess in Guantanamo from which we are having great difficulty in extricating ourselves,” writes U.S. Army Gen. (Ret.) Barry R. McCaffrey in a report on his recent trip to Guantanamo Bay.

And finally: The BBC has been holding a competition to redesign the BBC home page. Check out the winner and the runners-up.