Hume: A Preemptive Strike on North Korea Would Be a ‘Successful Strategy’

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume said North Korea’s missiles are “sitting there like the Washington Monument” and “knocking the missiles out” would be “a successful possible strategy.” Watch it:

Joe Cirincione explains why a preemptive strike on North Korea’s missles would be a disastrous blunder.


WILLIAMS: I don’t think you’re suggesting in General Kristol mode that we start bombing the sites of their

HUME: That’s what we could do.

WILLIAMS: If we do that, what are you inviting? What are you guys suggesting here is the hard line with North Korea?

HUME: The one thing about knocking the missiles out on the ground, they’re sitting there like the Washington Monument, they can be struck. That is something we could do and would make a successful possible strategy.