Kick The Oil Habit: The Road Trip Begins

There are more than 5 million “flexfuel” vehicles on the road in the U.S., ready to run on ethanol. Yet only about 600 of America’s 170,000 gas stations currently offer E85 fuel.

This is a major problem. Americans are ready to use cleaner burning, American-made E85, but the oil companies aren’t making it available because they are addicted to the profits their petroleum business has brought them. Last month, American Progress launched Kick the Oil Habit, a campaign to get the Big 6 oil companies to double the number of E85 pumps over the next year.

Yesterday, as part of the campaign, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) helped kick off a cross-country flexfuel road trip to highlight the severe lack of E85 fueling stations around the country. Come along for the ride on the road trip blog — they’re only in West Virginia and they’ve already almost run out of gas.