ThinkFast PM: July 13, 2006

GQ reports that former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff emailed each other about “mortgaging old black people” with a “Black Churches insurance program” scam. Read the full article.

Racial and gender diversity are scarce in the White House these days. The scorecard among Bush’s inner circle of White House advisers: zero African-Americans or Asians, one Hispanic, and four women.

The first ever Progressive Faith Blogger Con happens tomorrow.

The Carpetbagger Report has background and details on Valerie Plame’s new civil suit against Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and Vice President Cheney.

TPM Muckraker debunks Robert Novak’s attack last night on investigative journalist Murray Waas.

Meanwhile, Novak will do his one-and-only interview with a progressive on his role in the CIA leak scandal tomorrow morning at 7am ET on The Bill Press Show. (Listen in.)

And finally: Hipsters in Boston and New York are styling Marc Jacob’s new Al Gore fashion line. “The recently-released Al Gore t-shirts, tote bags, and trucker hats are now available at all Marc Jacobs retail stores, and they’re not even that expensive.” (Check out the collection here under “special items.”)