Brownback Holds Up Drawing Of Embryo, Asks ‘Are You Going To Kill Me?’

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) is leading the opposition to the H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. Yesterday, during debate on the bill, he held up a picture of an embryo drawn by a 7-year-old girl. Relaying a conversation with the girl’s mother, Brownback said the embryo was asking the Senate, “Are you going to kill me?” Watch it:

Sam Brownback on Senate floor

Brownback is misleading. The embryos funded by H.R. 810 were “created for the purposes of in vitro fertilization”¦which are spare or in excess of clinical need and in every single case are slated for medical waste.” Only about 10 percent of embryos are adopted — the rest are disposed of. If H.R. 810 passes, they will instead be used to develop potentially live-saving cures for millions of people.

Full transcript:

We’re talking about destroying the youngest of human lives for research purposes. I want to show a quick picture of that so people get the idea, and I know people do, but it’s just, it’s important to remember we all started out looking like this. Even the presiding officer, as handsome as he is, he looked like this at one point in time, just a little clump of cells, that was him.

This is a particular person, young girl named Hannah that I just met with a few hours ago. This was when she was adopted as a frozen embryo. This shows her kind of development taking place. You destroy her here, you don’t get her here. That’s key. She was called a snowflake, adopted frozen embryos. I hope some people that are maybe watching or hear about this, if they have frozen embryos, human embryos, that they consider putting them up for adoption, because a number of people want to adopt them. The couple that adopted Hannah had infertility problems themselves, could not conceive, IVF, otherwise, and so adopted her as a snowflake, as a frozen embryo, implanted, and now we’ve got Hannah. Hannah is quite, I guess you would say out of the mouths of babes, children comes great wisdom.

This is a chart she did last year when she was in Washington, talking, when the House was considering legislation, the same legislation, she did this chart, this letter that kids write — my kids write — I love them. She said, this is Hannah, snowflake, “We’re kids. I love you.” And then she draws three pictures down here below. This is her smiling because she got adopted and she’s here. Here is another frozen embryo — these are embryos — that’s sad because he’s still sitting in a frozen state and then here’s one that as she explains is saying “What, are you going to kill me?” This was her explanation to her mother that just gave this chart to me. I hope people really would think about that. This is not just a clump of tissue. This is not just a group of a few cells. This is not a hair follicle. This is not fingernail. You know, this is Hannah. And if nurtured, grows to be just this beautiful child, and we got a lot of them, of frozen embryos. And I hope people will consider put putting them up for adoption, because there’s a lot of people that want to adopt them.