Kristol: College Guys Are ‘Very Happy’ About Plan B Approval Because ‘The Burden Is Totally Off Them’

This week, after three years of delay, the Bush administration finally approved the sale of Plan B (a.k.a. “the morning after pill”) to women over 18 without a prescription.

This morning on Fox News, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said that college men are “very happy” that Plan B will now be sold over-the-counter because they can have “a wild night” and “the burden is off them.” Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2006/08/planb.320.240.flv]

Scientific evidence does not support Kristol’s claim that Plan B increases promiscuity. A 2002 study in the British Medical Journal found “there is no evidence that access to emergency contraceptives has any discernible effect on teen sexual activity.” Dr. Vivian M. Dickerson, president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, says emergency contraception “does not increase promiscuity among teenaged women, nor does it cause women to abandon their regular birth control methods.”

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KRISTOL: I don’t know, I came into Fox this morning and one of our younger colleagues who works here, a guy just out of college a couple of years, said all his friends in who are still college are very happy about this — all his guy friends, his male friends who are still in college are happy about this. They have a wild night. Precautions aren’t taken. The burden is now totally off them. They tell their girlfriend to go out and get this drug and no problems at all. And I don’t think that’s a very good thing for the the country.

WILLIAMS: The woman doesn’t have to do it. A woman has some choice in this matter. In fact, what it does, it increases her ability to manage her life, her future, and to decide whether or not she’s ready to be a parent, and the fact of the matter, contrary to people who say that it’s an abortion, it’s not an abortion. This is preventing pregnancy, just like taking a birth control pill. that’s good news. I don’t see how you get around that. To my mind, what’s really at stake here is credibility. The fda approved this three years ago. Then they had an advisory panel, scientists who said it’s a safe way for young women to deal with this situation, and then you had politics intervene. The politics of abortion. and people saying, no, don’t do it. It’s about promiscuity. That to me was playing to the base and to me pandering to people who are opponents of abortion.