Former Administration Mouthpiece Falsely Claims Progressives Want Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Yesterday on The O’Reilly Factor, former administration official Dan Senor told guest host John Kasich that “many leftist centered activists, political activists” — such as MoveOn.org — believe “we would be better off” if the United States withdrew from Afghanistan.

But when pressed by Kasich, Senor couldn’t name any progressives who have advocated pulling out from Afghanistan and admitted that MoveOn.org has called for withdrawal from Iraq, not Afghanistan. Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2006/08/senor2.320.240.flv]

Full transcript below:

KASICH: I don’t know anybody that doesn’t recognize that the war in Afghanistan has to be won, that al Qaeda’s got to be snuffed out, that extremists have to be dealt with. Who’s he talking about here?

SENOR: He’s talking about people who believe that we would be better off John if we withdrew from our military engagements, whether they’re in Iraq, whether they’re in Afghanistan, whether it’s a strong posture, vis-a-vie Hezbollah.

KASICH: Who’s saying we ought to withdraw from Afghanistan? I haven’t heard anybody say that.

SENOR: There are people — there are many leftist centered activists, political activists.

KASICH: Who? Name me one.

SENOR: Moveon.org has talked about that we should be scaling back our resources in places, our military engagements. They haven’t been specific about Afghanistan but they’ve been specific about Iraq.

KASICH: That’s a riff.