ThinkFast: September 7, 2006

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report finds that “the U.S. isn’t prepared to handle disasters and lacks an effective way to track $88 billion doled out to help rebuild the Gulf Coast after last year’s killer hurricanes.”

NATO’s top commander, Gen. James Jones, said more troops are needed to in southern Afghanistan where Taliban militants are inflicting heavy casualties on foreign forces. “[The violence is] something akin to poking the bee hive and the bees are swarming,” he said.

39: The percentage of Americans who feel less safe now than they did five years ago. Only 14 percent say the feel safer, and 46 percent feel the same.

President Bush’s once-solid relationship with Southern women is on the rocks,” the AP reports, thanks to “anger over the Iraq war and frustration with the country’s direction.”

Newest tool in the war on terror: renewable energy. Without renewable power, US forces “will remain unnecessarily exposed” and will “continue to accrue preventable…serious and grave casualties,” according to Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Richard Zilmer.

Congress is “giving up” on comprehensive immigration reform. “I think it would be next to impossible to pass a comprehensive bill that includes dealing with the diversity of 12 million people here in the next three weeks,” Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN) said yesterday.

A new poll found that on a 100-point “thermometer” scale, with 100 being the friendliest feeling, “Turkish attitudes toward the United States fell to 20 degrees, from 28 degrees, in the past two years. Over the same period, feelings toward Iran increased to 43 degrees, from 34 degrees.”

Global warming “may be triggering a self-perpetuating climate time bomb trapped in once-frozen permafrost.” Greenhouse gases “once stuck in the long-frozen soil are bubbling into the atmosphere” at a rate five times faster than originally measured.

And finally: The U.S. Office of Special Counsel becomes the fashion police. In last month’s employee newsletter, the agency issued a list of “do’s and don’ts” for “Business Casual” dress. The agency, “whose job includes fighting workplace sex discrimination,” advised women to “avoid tight pants and, ‘before choosing a skirt to wear, sit down in it facing a mirror.'”

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