CONFIRMED: Scholastic Still Promoting Path To 9/11

Path to 9/11 graphicScholastic has been promoting ABC’s Path to 9/11, and associated “discussion guides” to teachers around the country as a way of getting “important information” to students about the terrorists attacks. These materials, as Media Matters has documented, are “rife with conservative misinformation.”

Yesterday, All Spin Zone and other bloggers noticed that Scholastic had taken it’s Path to 9/11 materials off its website. There was speculation that Scholastic had ended its association with the film. It’s turns out that isn’t happening.

ThinkProgress contacted Scholastic this morning. According to a Scholastic spokeswoman, the materials are “temporarily down” but will “be back up later.” She could not confirm whether any changes would be made.

UPDATE: Scholastic has announced that it is dropping support for Path to 9/11.