ThinkFast: September 17, 2006 — Ballot Watch Edition

The major group fighting against the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriages in Virginia — the Commonwealth Coalition — has raised twice as much as the largest proponent of the amendment.

A new ad opposing stem cell research in Missouri “warns that young women might sell their eggs for money” if the measure passes. In fact, the amendment specifically states “no person may buy or sell human blastocysts or eggs for stem cell research, therapies or cures.”

A judge has approved a November initiative that will allow voters in Sarasota, Florida, to decide “whether to continue using computerized voting booths or go back to paper ballots.”

A Nevada initiative to raise the minimum wage is backed by 77 percent of state voters, including 79 percent of independents and 64 percent of Republicans.

A Montana judge last week invalidated three right-wing ballot measures “aiming to rein in government powers,” citing what he called a “pervasive and general pattern of fraud” by out-of-state signature-gatherers.