Matthews: ‘I Have Been…Against This Bullshit War From The Beginning’

This morning on Imus, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews blasted the media for not covering the Iraq war. Matthews said that while people are still fighting and dying the Iraq, war “has been taken off television, and Bush must love it.”

Matthews said that most of the media was sold a bill of goods by the Bush administration, but that he’s been “a voice out there against this bullshit war from the beginning.” He added that Cheney was “totally wrong” about Iraq but still “talks like God on television, and we are supposed to believe every word.” Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2006/09/bullshit.320.240.flv]

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MATTHEWS: It is like we are at war — we have killed 15,000 people that died over there in that war, we still get guys knocked off every couple of days, a couple more guys are killed — and yet it is not on the tube. It’s like, are we bored with the war now? Is that the new thing? We don’t cover a war guys are fighting? And I watch the news, I don’t see the war any more. It has been taken off television, and Bush must love it. Certainly Karl Rove loves the fact that the Iraq War has gotten boring for the American people.

IMUS: It probably had something to do with the tainted spinach, you know, if you’ve been thinking about it.

MATTHEWS: How can we be in a war and not watch it?

IMUS: Well, I don’t know, that’s a good question.


IMUS: It must make you uncomfortable to read Frank Rich’s book, “The Greatest Story Ever Sold,” because it’s Frank’s essential thesis that they sold us this bill of goods — the administration did, you know Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld all them about the Iraq war — and it was you and the rest of the media went along with them…


IMUS: …like enablers with an alcoholic.

MATTHEWS: No. no. no. no. Don. Dono. You can check everything. Get your Nexis-Lexis out. Get your google out. Every column I have written from the day they started talking about Iraq has been against it. Now you are chuckling because you know damn well you’ve pulled my chain here. I have been a voice out there against this bullshit war from the beginning.

IMUS: OK, well, except you then.

MATTHEWS: OK. That’s nicer.

IMUS: Do we have to edit that for the radio, Lou?

PRODUCER: Yeah, we got it.

MATTHEWS: I have never used it ’til now because it was never more appropo. But you are right. The amazing thing is the President is winning now with a hand with nothing in it. They were wrong about the WMD, wrong about the connection to 9/11. Cheney said he didn’t even know there was going to be a war when we went in there. He was totally wrong, and yet he talks like god on television, and we are supposed to believe every word.