John Walsh Rebuts Conservative Anti-Gay Smears

Several conservatives are using the Mark Foley scandal to push vicious anti-gay smears. Just today, Human Life International (“pro-life missionaries to the world”) put out a statement blaming Foley’s behavior on his sexual orientation:

Foley’s actions were that of homosexual predator, not a pedophile. Homosexuals reproduce sexually by molesting children. This creates a cycle of violence and disordered behavior that creates future generations of abusers and predators.

But as John Walsh — host of “America’s Most Wanted” and an advocate of childrens’ safety — told Larry King last night, the Foley case is about pedophilia, not homosexuality. Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2006/10/cnnwalsh.320.240.flv]

Full transcript:

KING: A couple things revealed today, did you know that he was gay?

WALSH: You know that was always the issue on Capitol Hill and I think that his response in the past was that “That’s my business and would you ask President Bush or would you ask, you know, chairman [sic] Harry Reid if he was straight?” I think in the 21st century, people have a right to keep their sexuality, you know, to themselves. But, you know, making overt advances to 16-year-old boys from a 52-year-old man is nothing about gay. It’s about pedophilia.