POLL: Majority Of Americans Reject Right Wing’s Anti-Gay Smears In Foley Scandal

hrc.png Since the Foley scandal broke, many right-wing activists have attempted to brand the scandal as a homosexual issue. Linda Harvey of the conservative site WorldNetDaily stated that “sex with youth are built into the ‘gay’ sub-culture” and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said that “neither party seems likely to address the real issue, which is the link between homosexuality and child sexual abuse.”

Fortunately, the American public has rejected their dishonest scare tactics. A new Human Rights Campaign poll shows that Americans continue to support gay rights:

62 percent of Americans believe that Foley’s behavior was “typical of politicians,” as opposed to just 30 percent who believe his behavior was “typical of gay men.”

70 percent of Americans say that the Foley scandal has not changed their opinion of gay people.

80 percent of Americans believe it is important to make “sure that gays and lesbians receive the same rights and protections under the law as other Americans,” up from 77 percent in April 2006.

Foley’s behavior was the disgraceful behavior of a pedophile. It had nothing to do with the behavior of gay men.