Prominent Right-Wing Activist Smears Kuo As Member Of ‘Axis Of Evil’

Last night on CBS’s 60 Minutes, David Kuo, a former White House deputy on faith-based issues, explained that the Bush White House has consistently subverted its so-called “values” agenda in favor of crass political gain. “This message that has been sent out to Christians for a long time now: that Jesus came primarily for a political agenda, and recently primarily a right-wing political agenda – as if this culture war is a war for God. And it’s not a war for God, it’s a war for politics,” said Kuo.

Interviewer Lesley Stahl asked Kuo whether he thinks the White House is going to view his book as a betrayal and may go after him. Kuo responded:

“Of course they will. I can hear the attacks, right? ‘Oh, he’s really a liberal.’ or, ‘Oh, maybe that brain tumor really messed up his head.’ Or, you know, ‘He’s an idealist.'”

The assaults have already started coming in from the White House’s conservative allies. Christian evangelical leaders James Dobson, Tony Perkins, and Chuck Colson were to quick to criticize Kuo while defending Bush.

In the latest attack, an article entitled “David Kuo: An Addition to the Axis of Evil,” Jason T. Christy, the publisher of The Church Report (and once nominated to head the Bush-friendly Christian Coalition), lobs many of the accusations that Kuo predicted:

Don’t be fooled by Kuo; he is someone who has been described as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Don’t let his smarmy tones and pouty eyes fool you. Having done campaign work for several Kennedys, having contradicted himself and his own letters, Kuo is being used to try and prop up the liberal left, to breathe life into lifeless campaigns and his master literary work is a mere smokescreen. Questioning the faith and motivation of this administration is wrong.

When he was young, Kuo interned for Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and was a campaign volunteer for Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA), who retired from Congress in 1998. In his professional life, Kuo worked for leading conservatives John Ashcroft and Bill Bennett.

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