Administration Sends Troops Info on Foley Replacement, Doesn’t Mention Other Candidates

Last week, U.S. troops received messages from the State Department and the Pentagon explaining how to vote in the congressional race in ex-Rep. Mark Foley’s (R-FL) former district.

The emails provided detailed instructions explaining how to vote for Foley’s replacement, Joe Negron, but failed to even mention the two other candidates in the race:

On September 29th, Mark Foley resigned from the United State House of Representatives. He also withdrew as the Republican Candidate for the House of Representatives in Florida’s 16th District.

Pursuant to Florida Law, the Florida Republican Party nominated Joe Negron as the Republican Candidate in the 16th District replacing Foley. Pursuant to Section 100.111(4) of Florida Statute, Foley’s name will remain on the ballot for both absentee and regular ballots. Any votes cast for Foley will count towards the total of the substitute candidate.

Voters from Florida’s 16th Congressional District should be aware that any votes cast for Mark Foley will be counted toward the total of Joe Negron. Additionally, voters who wish to cast a vote for Joe Negron should cast their vote for Mark Foley.

Read the full text of one of the State Department emails HERE.

There is no mention in this email of the other candidates in the race, Democrat Tim Mahoney and independent Emmie Ross. As a result, Mahoney had to issue a separate message to soldiers yesterday explaining that troops could also vote for him or Ross. Mahoney’s letter also included instructions on how soldiers could vote for Joe Negron.