Speaker Hastert Lies About Leader Pelosi

Yesterday, embattled House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) released a statement attacking House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over immigration:

Democrat Leader Pelosi’s plan is to leave our borders open, grant blanket amnesty and provide Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants. Is THAT their plan? Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi has NEVER visited the border. She claims to understand the needs of those on the front lines but has never visited those agents and offers no solutions.

First, Hastert is fabricating Pelosi’s position on immigration. Pelosi has consistently backed extensive new border security measures and comprehensive immigration reform.

Second, Hastert’s claim that Pelosi has never visited the border or met with border agents is false. Today, Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), a 26-year veteran of the United States Border Patrol, issued a statement discussing Pelosi’s trip to El Paso, Texas, in March:

House Democratic Leader Pelosi not only understands the importance of border security, she understands the dynamics and importance of trade and commerce to our border region and our country. She understands the critical implications that failures on the part of both the Bush Administration and the Republican Congressional leadership have had on our border communities and in making our country less safe even five years after 9/11.

How do I know? I have been at the border with her. She has taken the time not only to visit but to listen.

Here’s a photo of Pelosi in El Paso:

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