VIDEO: Snow Incessantly Calls On Kerry To Apologize, Ignoring Kerry Apology

ThinkProgress, the AP, and Reuters have all reported that Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) apologized for his remarks on MSNBC this morning. Specifically Kerry said, “I’m sorry” and called his remarks “pretty stupid.”

Nevertheless, during the White House press conference today, Tony Snow repeatedly called on Kerry to apologize. Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2006/11/snowsorryfinal.320.240.flv]

Full transcript below:

SNOW: You know, two words really are sufficient to convey an apology: I’m sorry. And he hasn’t.

Senator Kerry is — I think he’s insistent on pointing fingers at the president or whatever rather than simply saying — look, it’s real simple. I mean, you and I and everybody in this room have said things that we didn’t intend to say. And when it offends people, you say, I’m sorry.

And he hasn’t done that.

All he has to do — it’s really easy — say, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend the troops.

But, instead, there’s always: I’m not going to apologize for going after the president.


But again, look, this is simple. I mean, there was an insult delivered to troops, whether it was intended or not. And the way you clean the slate is say, I didn’t mean to say it; I’m sorry.


I don’t think it really matters what the president thinks Senator Kerry intended to say. What matters is what Senator Kerry needs to say for members of his ownparty, to the American Legion, to Amvets, to a number of other organizations who have come out and simply said you need to apologize for what you said.

It’s not hard.

I’m sorry. I mean, this is helpful advice to say, I’m sorry, I messed up. Please forgive me.


Again. How hard is this? You say something, it’s not what you meant to say, you apologize. You say you’re sorry.


I mean, this is helpful advice. We’re trying to help you out. We’re throwing you a lifeline, buddy. Just say you’re sorry. It’s not hard.


I think what you might want to say is: Will people accept his apology? Let’s see what happens.

QUESTION: What do you think? Do you think Republicans will accept his apology?

You know what, let’s — first, ask — he has to apologize. You know, we always play the hypothetical game, but let me put it this way: People are pretty forgiving when somebody says I messed up and I’m sorry.