Drudge Floats Conspiracy Theory That Pelosi Has ‘Vanished,’ Ignores Clinton Rally, CNN Profile

Matt Drudge has a banner headline floating a conspiracy theory that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has gone into hiding:

Drudge writes:

The woman who would be speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has oddly stayed out of the national spotlight in the week leading up to the big vote.

The high profile, potentially history-making democrat has turned dramatically low-key.

The last photo of vanishing Pelosi on the wires was from an October 21 fundraiser.

And since Pelosi appeared on the October 22 broadcast of 60 MINUTES, national TV hits have been nonexistent.

Nancy Pelosi is apparently the worst vanisher ever. Just last night, Pelosi appeared at a sold-out rally at the Warfield Theater with former President Clinton. Portions of the rally were broadcast on television:

Drudge is also wrong about Pelosi avoiding national television appearances. Yesterday CNN aired a feature interview with Pelosi:

Drudge really ought to stop pretending to be a reporter.

UPDATE: ThinkProgress has found multiple other national television appearances. Pelosi appeared on CNBC’s On the Money Kudlow & Company on 10/24 and on ABC’s Good Morning America and ABC’s World News Tonight on 10/26:


She has also been profiled by major newspapers in the last two weeks — the New York Times (10/30), Newsweek (10/23), and the Baltimore Sun (10/27).