What Ward Connerly Doesn’t Want You To Know About Affirmative Action

Tommorow, Michigan voters will be asked to vote on Proposition 2, Ward Connerly’s proposal to amend the state constitution to ban affirmative action programs in the state of Michigan.

Connerly says affirmative action harms African-Americans, claiming it has “perpetuated the notion that black people aren’t as smart.” Connerly’s views are not supported by the facts:

— In the most comprehensive study on affirmative action to-date, author William Bowen concluded, “This notion that we have somehow harmed the intended beneficiaries, that they are victims in fact, is really nonsense. There is just not an iota of evidence, certainly in what we have looked at that would support that proposition.”

— The same study found, African American students with lower SATs who went to schools where the average was higher did much better along any dimension, were more satisfied with their school, graduated in higher numbers, and were more likely to go to graduate and professional schools.

Does Connerly think white Anglo-Saxon men feel hampered by self-doubt for the decades of preferential treatment they received over women and minorities?

(LCCR and One United Michigan have more.)

Sam Davis