Cornyn Joins McCain, Calls for Sending More U.S. Troops to Iraq

This morning on Fox News, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) was asked what he thought of Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) idea to raise the number of troops in Iraq. (McCain has said he’d like to have “another 20,000 troops in Iraq.”) “I think Senator McCain is on to something,” Cornyn said, adding that an “overwhelming” show of force “could restore some basic semblance of order” to Iraq.

Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2006/11/Cornyn_troops.320.240.flv]

Increasing troop levels is a bad idea. First, we do not have the troops to send. Any attempt to send more troops to Iraq would, “at the moment, threaten to break our nation’s all-volunteer Army and undermine our national security.” Second, a greater U.S. troops presence “risks further stoking the flames of the insurgency by feeding perceptions of long-term U.S. occupation among many Iraqis.”

Notably, the McCain-Lieberman-Cornyn position has virtually no public support: only 8 percent of Americans support sending more troops to Iraq.


CARLSON: We have so many varying opinions. You have Senator McCain saying, kind of by himself, that we actually need more troops over there. You have Senator Levin, incoming chair of the Armed Services Committee, talking about that phase-out within four to six months. What do you think the study group’s going to say?

CORNYN: I’m not sure what they’re going to say. They’ll report in December. But I think Senator McCain is on to something. I think what we need to do is to clear and hold areas now dominated by the militias and insurgents in Iraq. And perhaps if we did it in an overwhelming sort of way, quickly, we could restore some basic semblance of order which would allow confidence to be gained in the Iraqi government and convince them now is the time to go forward with political solutions.