Pelosi Lied, Thousands Died Benefitted From a Minimum Wage Increase

The hard-hitting reportage of Byron York:

I have a new story up about Nancy’s Pelosi’s “First 100 Hours” strategy. Do you know what “100 hours” means? Is it real, consecutive hours — in other words, would the Democrats’ legislative blitz last, say, from a Monday at 10 a.m. until Friday at 2 p.m. — or is it some sort of loosely-defined “legislative hours”? If you guessed real hours, you’re wrong; the “First 100 Hours” could last, well, who knows how long? And if you think Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are going to complete their “Six for ’06” agenda in those hours — however they are defined — you’re probably wrong again.

Seriously, this is the conservative pushback on the new Democratic ascendancy? The House Democrats lack a clear definition of “100 hours”? I think the other side’s going to have to do better than that. I’ll actually be interested to see what the Bush administration does with these “Six for ’06” items, many of them seem far too popular to veto, but then again a lame-duck president can pretty much veto whatever he likes.