All The Right Enemies

It was often said of Bill Clinton that one of his great political assets was good fortune in terms of his enemies. The same is much more true of his wife. As Kevin Drum and Steve Benen note, Dick Morris’ furious hostility to New York’s junior senator can’t but make you like her. And his threat to actually leave the country if she wins, well, that’s icing on the cake. And then, of course, there’s Martin Peretz:

Hillary has been scheming for the presidency since the day her husband entered the White House, which is why she didn’t much take to Al Gore. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she conspired with James Baker–or is that just me?

The same column’s praise of Barack Obama, meanwhile, is giving me doubts. He’s “a latter-day Martin Luther King Jr.,” and “a picture of America’s future, black and white” as well as “Supple in mind and bearing, evoking energy and thoughtfulness.” Peretz asks, “what, for heaven’s sake, is there to criticize about Obama? Nothing.” As I say, troubling. Maybe Petey wants to give me some Edwards ’08 bumper stickers.

UPDATE: In case of confusion, put this case against Obama in the “light-hearted” file.