Global Warming: Hell And High Water

The book that gave birth to ClimateProgress, Hell and High Water: Global Warming — The Solution and the Politics, is out.

In the book, I expose the tactics of conservative politicians who deny the science and delay genuine action on alternative energy initiatives. I examine the media’s sloppy reporting and unwillingness to probe behind the rhetoric.

The book discusses the country’s future if wide-scale environmental changes are not enacted immediately. I explain why the environment is subject to vicious cycles whereby an initial warming change leads to further warming. The oceans, soils, Arctic permafrost, and rainforests may eventually become sources of greenhouse emissions and I discuss how sea levels are on course to rise high enough to swallow up numerous coastal communities and inland areas on both U.S. coasts by 2100.

The larger point is that strategies to combat climate change are all technically possible and can significantly slow global warming while also buying more time for the world to develop new technologies and a consensus for even stronger action. The book lays out a number of key solutions to avoiding a climate catastrophe, including:

— capturing carbon dioxide from coal plants and storing it underground

— building 1 million large wind turbines

— launching massive energy-efficiency programs for homes, office buildings, and heavy industry

— increasing the fuel efficiency of cars and light trucks to 60 miles per gallon while also equipping them with advanced hybrid technology

— ceasing all tropical deforestation.

ClimateProgress.org will be featuring excerpts of the book for the next few weeks.

— Joe Romm