“Barrios Means Neighborhoods”


Still the best campaign slogan ever, from back when he was running for Massachusetts state senate the first time. You’ve probably never heard of him, but Jarrett Barrios is going to be president one day. And now he has a blog. This comes via Matt Stoller who remarks “Barrios was always a favorite MA legislator.” I don’t know much about his legislative career, but he has crazy charisma, and I think that’s primarily what counts in politics.

So far, Barrios is most famous for his involvement in the effort to legislate against Fluff sandwhiches. This struck many as extreme at the time, but with smoking restrictions and trans fat bans spreading across the nation like wildfire, you’ll be surprised by what sort of public health measures count as mainstream by the time of the 2032 presidential election. Demolition Man here we come.