Gone Fishing: Cheney Set To Visit Global Warming Hotspot

cheneyfishing.jpgVice President Cheney’s determination to ignore global warming will soon be put to the test.

The White House has announced that Cheney will travel to Australia and Japan this month “to discuss issues of mutual interest including Asian security and the global war on terror.” The Washington tip sheet The Nelson Report reported this tidbit about his schedule:

The Vice President and Mrs. Cheney will visit Japan as part of an Asian tour which will take them to Tasmania for fly fishing, sources confirm.

Cheney’s fishing trip will show him the impact of climate change first-hand.

The warming of Tasmania’s waters has led to “exceptionally rare” development of coral reefs and “the invasion of about 30 species of fish from warmer areas.” In December, arid lands fueled the worst wildfires in years, 15 of which raged across state forests and burned more than 280,000 hectares. And extreme weather patterns have turned the country into a “freak show“:

Every month [in 2006] but September saw a long-term monthly rainfall or temperature record broken. May saw the lowest temperature for the month ever recorded. June experienced the lowest total rainfall. October set records for the hottest day, coldest night, warmest night and lowest rainfall.

Hopefully Cheney will use his fishing trip to learn something about the global climate crisis he now seems content to ignore.