Fired U.S. Attorneys Received Positive Job Evaluations From Justice Department

mcnulty.gif Last week, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty claimed that six U.S. attorneys were fired for “performance-related” issues. But according to the former prosecutors and Justice Department officials, five of the six attorneys received positive evaluations from the DOJ shortly before they were told to resign.

John McKay, former U.S. Attorney in Washington:

“McKay said he was called Dec. 7 by Michael A. Battle, head of the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys, who only months before had sent him a congratulatory letter for the laudatory report issued by the Justice Department audit team.”

Daniel G. Bogden, former U.S. Attorney in Nevada:

Bogden “was described in his last job performance evaluation in 2003 as being a ‘capable’ leader who was highly regarded by the federal judiciary and investigators. ‘He didn’t get any dings,’ said a Justice Department official with knowledge of the review. ‘The overall evaluation was very positive.'”

Carol Lam, former U.S. attorney in California:

“Lam was described in her 2005 evaluation as ‘well respected’ by law enforcement officials, judges and her staff. Overall the review was positive. ‘We’re not aware of any significant issues,’ said another Justice Department official.”

Paul Charlton, former U.S. attorney in Arizona:

“Officials with the U.S. attorney’s office in Arizona said Charlton received his last review in December 2005. He was described as being respected by his staff, federal investigators, judges and Native American leaders for “his integrity, professionalism and competence.’

David Iglesias, former U.S. attorney in New Mexico:

Iglesias “received a positive evaluation last year, according to another Justice Department official.”

Bogden, McKay, and Charlton have all confirmed that the Justice Department did not cite any performance-related issues when it told them to resign.

Knight-Ridder notes that “Justice Department officials are now completing the evaluation of Kevin Ryan, who’s being forced to step down as San Francisco U.S. attorney.” McNulty has admitted that a seventh U.S. attorney, Bud Cummins, was pushed out to make way for a “37-year-old protege” of Karl Rove.

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