Hannity Previews Hit Job On Al Gore

Fox News host Sean Hannity has repeatedly attacked Al Gore, calling him an “alarmist” and a “hypocrite” on global warming. Earlier this month on his website, Hannity asked his viewers to send him pictures of “Al Gore getting onto private planes”:


Today on Fox News, Hannity previewed his smear campaign which will air on Sunday night, promising to calculate the carbon used by Al Gore in his travel. Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/02/hannitygoreagain.320.240.flv]

Hannity argued, “My attitude is, if you want to lead on this issue, then you’ve really got to lead by example.” That’s exactly what Al Gore is doing. This afternoon, ThinkProgress reached Vice President Gore’s office for response to Hannity’s attacks. Here’s what his office told us:

— Gore lives a strict carbon-neutral lifestyle both in his work and private life. That means he tries to reduce his emissions as much as possible, and then purchases carbon offsets for the remaining emissions.

— In his private life, Gore tries to reduce his emissions as much as possible. He drives a hybrid, flies commercially whenever he can, and purchases green power. In the few instances where work has demanded that he travel privately, he purchases carbon offsets for the emissions.

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Full transcript:

MARTHA: According to Sean Hannity, the truth may be a bit inconvenient for Al Gore. The global warming globe trotting former vice president is flying around on private jets, and those jets it seems are quite bad for the environment. Joining us now is Sean Hannity. Hey, Sean.

HANNITY: Martha, how are you?

MARTHA: I am well, thank you. I know on Hannity’s America, you’re working on this investigative report. Tell us what you found.

HANNITY: You’ve know, we’ve heard the term “limousine liberal”? We’ve got a new term. “Gulfstream liberals.”


HANNITY: Anyway, so Al Gore portrays himself in this movie — An Inconvenient Truth — he’s traveling around the world, lecturing about the damage of climate change, etc. So we decided to look into a little bit of his background, and even for example if you go to the website for his film, it has a carbon calculator. We decided to calculate the carbon used by Al Gore for what we’ve been able to document in terms of his own travel.

MARTHA: And what’d you find?

HANNITY: That’s a big secret. Sunday night.


HANNITY: You know what, Martha, if they’re not willing to lead by example, I think that’s hypocritical. The idea that somebody can get in a private jet — we are going to calculate the carbon emissions and fuel usage on a private jet — for them to think that they’re so much more important than the rest of us. We’ll let our audience decide. But my attitude is, if you really want to lead on this issue, then you’ve got to lead by example.