Sen. Thomas: ‘If You Are Talking About Withdrawal, I Don’t Think Most People Favor That’

On C-Span’s Washington Journal this morning, Sen. Craig Thomas (R-WY) said that he would support Bush’s escalation strategy if it comes to a vote today in the Senate. Thomas justified his stance by arguing, “If you are talking about withdrawal, I don’t think most people favor that.” Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/02/thomas.320.240.flv]

Thomas’s claim has no support. Recent polls have indicated widespread approval for withdrawal. Here’s a sampling:

USA Today: 63 percent favor a timetable for withdrawal by the end of next year

Pew: 53 percent favor a withdrawal from Iraq

Rasmussen: 55 perecent favor withdrawal within a year

Newsweek reported recently that Thomas is one of Bush’s “dwindling” supporters on Iraq. But even the stalwart conservative senator from Wyoming has privately expressed concern about the escalation strategy. When it comes to public action, however, Thomas is one of the conservatives struggling “to put country over party.”


THOMAS: The idea of withdrawal prior to completing the task that’s there and accomplishing the reason we’re there is a different question. And so I think the key to what you said and you are exactly right, is if you are talking about withdrawal, I don’t think most people favor that. I think they favor let’s get the job done and let’s be able to come home.