Robert Kagan’s eternal optimism.

One day after the Washington Post reported that President Bush’s rosy claims about escalation were misleading or false, it runs an op-ed by Robert Kagan, William Kristol’s frequent writing partner, titled “The ‘Surge’ Is Working.” Glenn Greenwald writes:

No rational person would believe a word Robert Kagan says about anything. He has been spewing out one falsehood after the next for the last four years in order to blind Americans about the real state of affairs concerning the invasion which he and his comrade and writing partner, Bill Kristol, did as much as anyone else to sell to the American public.

In April, 2003, Kagan declared the war over and said we won. Since then, he has continuously claimed that things were getting better in Iraq. He is completely liberated from any obligation to tell the truth and is a highly destructive propagandist whose public record of commentary about Iraq ought to disqualify him from decent company, let alone some sort of pretense to expertise about this war.