Where I Stand

Readers have probably noticed a certain lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign around here, but in partnership with Sam Rosenfeld I lay out the case against in its official form in the new issue of The American Prospect:

Liberal Democrats should want a nominee who is, in fact, a liberal. And liberals and moderates alike have should want a nominee who’s seen as a moderate by the median voter. Clinton, however, is a moderate who people think is a liberal. This is a terrible combination of qualities from almost every point of view — except, perhaps, for the faction of her advisers whose views are probably too right-wing to be associated with the Democratic presidential nominee, unless they can latch onto the one candidate both blessed and cursed with an undeserved reputation for liberalism. Well, bully for them. But liberals should open their eyes.

So, yes, I guess I’m off the Christmas card list.