Gonzales Says He May ‘Find Out’ That Attorneys Were Purged For Political Reasons

In an interview tonight, NBC News’ Pete Williams asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales a simple question: “Can you be certain that none of these U.S. Attorneys were put on that list [to be fired] for improper reasons?”

Gonzales wouldn’t give a straight answer, and in fact left open the possibility that attorneys were fired for partisan politics. “If I find out that, in fact, any of these decisions were motivated, the recommendations to me were motivated for improper reasons to interfere with the public corruption case, there will be swift and — there will be swift and decisive action. I can assure you that.”

Gonzales also suggested that other evidence of his personal involvement in the firings may come to light. “[T]here may have been other conversations [I had] about specifically about the performance of US attorneys” that I don’t remember, he said.

Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/03/gonzalesnbc.320.240.flv]

Gonzales bemoaned critics who are questioning his credibility. “Let me begin with the attacks on my credibility, which really have pained me and my family. You know, I have grown up — I grew up with nothing but my integrity.” This coming from a man whose early career as counsel to then-Gov. George W. Bush included helping to get Bush excused from jury duty, “a situation that could have required the governor to disclose his then-secret 1976 conviction for drunken driving in Maine.”

Read the full transcript HERE.

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