Americans strongly back attorney purge investigation.

Glenn Greenwald highlights new results from a USA Today poll:

14. Do you think Congress should — or should not — investigate the involvement of White House officials in this matter?

Yes, should – 72%; No, should not – 21%

15. If Congress investigates these dismissals, in your view, should President Bush and his aides — [ROTATED: invoke “executive privilege” to protect the White House decision making process (or should they) drop the claim of executive privilege and answer all questions being investigated]?

Invoke executive privilege – 26%; Answer all questions – 68%

16. In this matter, do you think Congress should or should not issue subpoenas to force White House officials to testify under oath about this matter?

Yes, should – 68%; No, should not – 24%

But remember, members of Congress shouldn’t investigate Karl Rove because it will be “so bad for them.”

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