Rove’s PowerPoint Presentation Revealed During Oversight Hearing

In January, General Services Administration chief Lurita Doan and Karl Rove deputy Scott Jennings held a video conference with top GSA political appointees, “who discussed ways to help Republican candidates.”

Jennings, the White House’s deputy director of political affairs, gave a PowerPoint presentation on Jan. 26 of polling data about the 2006 elections.

When Jennings concluded his presentation to the GSA political appointees, Doan allegedly asked them how they could “help ‘our candidates’ in the next elections.”

The Hatch Act explicitly prohibits partisan campaign activities on federal property.

During a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing today, Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) questioned Doan about the contents of Rove’s PowerPoint presentation. Doan repeatedly claimed ignorance of the contents of the slides and the verbal presentation that Jennings made. So Braley reminded her with some examples from this “nonpartisan” briefing:


After showing the slides, Braley told Doan, “I think the American taxpayers have a very good reason to wonder whether the only ‘team’ that was being helped during this briefing was the Republican Party team.” Watch the full exchange:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/03/roveslide.320.240.flv]

The Gavel has several more clips from today’s hearing HERE.

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UPDATE: TPMCafe has more on what’s in Rove’s presentation.