Right Wing Smears Pelosi As ‘Subservient’ For Wearing Scarf – What About Laura Bush?

Yesterday, right-wing Internet gossip Matt Drudge posted a photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wearing a headscarf while visiting the tomb of John the Baptist inside the Umayyad mosque in Damascus.

As Mahablog points out, the right-wing is now seething:

HotAir: “The campaign commercial practically writes itself. Ah well. A woman must know her place when entering a mosque. … It pains the left too, I’m sure, to see the most powerful woman in America having to yield, however slightly, to a misogynistic culture’s expectations, but they can’t vent their anger at the people responsible so they’ll vent it at Charles or me or whomever instead.”

Instapundit: FEMINIST IN AMERICA, subservient in Syria.

The New Editor: “This picture disgusts me. What message is Nancy Pelosi trying to send? Are women equal to men, or not? Why is modesty foisted only upon women?”

Little Green Footballs: “Pelosi in a Hijab. The modern Democratic leadership. How … quaint.”

Apparently they never saw Laura Bush when she visited al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem:


More photos at Mahablog.

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