Spanish-language papers want Gonzales to resign.

The daily La Opini³n in Los Angeles and the Chicago weekly La Raza argue in a common editorial that Alberto Gonzales should resign. ‘The firing of the U.S. attorneys is sufficient cause for doubting his capacity for distinguishing his loyalty to President George W. Bush from his duty to citizens,’ the editorial says. Another Spanish-language column in the Chicago paper Hoy:

Gonzales’ ascent was “a double triumph,” Mu±oz wrote: “Not only was he was the first Latino attorney general, but he was the first Latino to occupy one of the four most important seats in the presidential cabinet.”

But with many in Congress calling for his resignation as a result of the U.S. attorney firings, the columnist added, “Latino leadership needs to join” in that demand. “Gonzales not only has let down the community — he’s let down the nation,” Mu±oz…wrote.