Will John Sununu Help President Bush Veto Stem Cell Cures?

The Senate is expected to vote tonight to overturn President Bush’s strict limits on funding for embryonic stem-cell research, giving our scientists access to the best tools available in the race for life-saving cures.

The president has already said he will veto the bipartisan legislation, just like he did last year. But stem cell advocates believe they are now just one vote shy of the 67 needed to overturn the veto. The key senator hanging in the balance is New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu (R).

Sununu’s ideological alliance with President Bush puts him in an extremely lonely position. Last year, Sununu was the only member of New Hampshire’s entire congressional delegation to oppose embryonic stem cell research.

He’s also out of step with the members of his own state party. New Hampshire Republicans support stem cell research by a 2-to-1 margin, according to a SurveyUSA poll from January.


The Senate vote is expected in just a few hours, and Sununu still has not taken a public position. Contact Sununu’s office now and tell him to break his ideological link with President Bush, and support research that offers our greatest hope for live-saving cures for millions of Americans. Details on calling or writing Sununu are HERE.

UPDATE: Commenter annefrank provides the toll-free Capitol switchboard number: 800-828-0498