Bush Brings Iraq ‘Death And Destruction’ Tour To Local High Schools

Increasingly desperate, and facing broad public opposition, Bush used his last Iraq speech on Monday to stir up fear with repeated references to September 11 and dark visions of “death and destruction…here in America” if U.S. troops were to withdraw.

Now Bush is taking his show on the road. Bush will speak about Iraq tomorrow at Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City, OH, to “local businessmen and students who take an advanced government class.” On Friday, Bush heads to East Grand Rapids High School in Michigan “to deliver what the White House calls a ‘major policy speech‘ on the War in Iraq.”

His message to teenagers: fear for your lives. The Detroit News reports:

White House spokesman Alex Conant said Bush will tell the audience that “the consequences of failure in Iraq would be death and destruction in the Middle East and here in America.”

Of course, Bush shouldn’t expect a particularly sympathetic audience. Even as far back as 2000, reporters noted, “Most of his high school stops have been larger rallies, shielding Bush from the often-hostile high school audiences. Nobody in the campaign could remember the last time Bush took questions from high schoolers.”

Times haven’t changed. “Some East Grand Rapids students plan to wear black on Friday in their own form of protest.”