CNN: Rep. Putnam (R-FL) wants Gonzales gone.

CNN’s Dana Bash reports that Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL), chairman of the GOP conference and the third-ranking House Republican, wants Gonzales to resign:


We have new developments now on that issue from a top ranking Republican, in fact, the third ranking Republican in the House, and he is basically telling CNN that he thinks now it is time for the attorney general to go. … [L]et me read to you the quote of what he said. He said, speaking of the attorney general, “He did not distinguish himself in the hearing… There remains a cloud over the Department… I think they would be well served by fresh leadership.” So, again, you have the third-ranking Republican, Congressman Adam Putnam there, making clear that he now thinks based on that testimony yesterday it is time for the attorney general to go. Now, he’s important because he’s also in charge of communication. A lot of times, he serves as a spokesman for House Republicans. In this case, he was clear that he is just speaking for himself, but he also said that he did not think anyone was doing “high fives” over the attorney general’s performance yesterday.

(HT: TPMMuckraker)