Perle v. Tenet.

In his new book, George Tenet claims that, one day after 9/11, Richard Perle turned to him and said: “Iraq has to pay a price for what happened yesterday. They bear responsibility.” The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol leaps to Perle’s defense and challenges Tenet’s account:

Here’s the problem: Richard Perle was in France on that day, unable to fly back after September 11. In fact Perle did not return to the United State [sic] until September 15. Did Tenet perhaps merely get the date of this encounter wrong? Well, the quote Tenet ascribes to Perle hinges on the encounter taking place September 12: “Iraq has to pay a price for what happened yesterday.” And Perle in any case categorically denies to The Weekly Standard ever having said any such thing to Tenet, while coming out of the White House or anywhere else.