Broder: Victory in Iraq ‘really doubtful.’

David Broder, who has repeatedly attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for saying the Iraq war “is lost,” said today on XM radio that it is “really doubtful” President Bush will be able “to salvage something that would look like a victory in Iraq.”

UPDATE: Broder also responded to recent criticism of him online: “I am not a fan of the blogs, and the blogs are not fans of mine.”

UPDATE II: Broder stands by his April 26 column on Reid, “The Democrats’ Gonzales”:

David Broder said he wouldn’t change anything in his April 26 column, which angered many readers and caused 50 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus to write a letter criticizing Broder in Friday’s Washington Post. […]

The columnist also said he was “not surprised” that his Thursday piece drew such a negative reaction from the 50 senators and most of the many readers who flooded WashingtonPost.com with comments. “This war is so unpopular and for very good reason,” said Broder. “I’ve written many columns critical of this administration’s actions in Iraq, and most of the response of readers to those columns has been: ‘Right on.'”

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