Reid writes Bush over Wolfowitz.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Sens. Schumer, Durbin, and Murray write President Bush: “[T]he troubles relating to Mr. Wolfowitz have thrust the Bank into an historic crisis, which is jeopardizing the Bank’s ability to garner support from member countries and, by extension, the Bank’s ability to perform its fundamental purpose of alleviating poverty.”

Mr. President, we are very concerned that the window of opportunity is closing fast for the United States to show leadership to resolve this crisis without undermining the Bank or the U.S. leadership role in it. The Bank’s Board may feel compelled to vote on the future of Mr. Wolfowitz’s tenure as President, an unprecedented step. We do not believe the Bank’s mission or U.S. interests would be advanced by such a vote. We urge you to take decisive action quickly to bring this crisis to a close.