Iglesias warns of U.S. Attorney exodus.

Three fired U.S. Attorneys told a university audience yesterday “that the appearance of impropriety has wasted the credibility of the Justice Department, and they suggested new leadership would be needed to restore it. [David] Iglesias said he has spoken with many U.S. attorneys and assistant U.S. attorneys around the country. ‘To a person, they’re sickened by this. Some are actively looking for work,’ he said. ‘Morale is terrible across the country.'”

UPDATE: McKay named names:

“I know that our former colleagues, and I’m going to name several, are hurting because of what very senior people in the DOJ have done,” said John McKay, the ousted attorney for western Washington.

McKay went on to name Glenn Suddaby in Syracuse and Steve Biskupic in Wisconsin as two attorneys still seated who are suffering from political pressure. McKay also named Debra Wong Yang, the former U.S. attorney in Los Angeles whose abrupt resignation last October is now drawing attention in light of reports that then-White House council Harriet Miers asked her to step down.

“People are now asking, if you’re a good U.S. attorney, why aren’t you getting fired?” quipped McKay.