Selling secrets for personal perks.

A new indictment has been filed against the former #3 official at the CIA, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo. Via Atrios:

According to the new indictment, Foggo provided [his friend, defense contractor Brent] Wilkes with “sensitive, internal information related to our national security,” including classified information, to help him prepare proposals for providing undercover flights for the CIA under the guise of a civil aviation company and armored vehicles for agency operations. Foggo allegedly then pushed his CIA colleagues to hire Wilkes’ companies without disclosing their longstanding friendship.


Prosecutors say that in return, Wilkes offered to hire Foggo after he retired from government service. In the meantime, he allegedly treated his friend to a Scottish golf trip during which they racked up a $44,000 hotel bill at the luxurious Pitcastle Estate.