NBC: FBI investigating Gov. Gibbons (R-NV).

NBC News reports that former congressman and current Gov. Jim Gibbons (R-NV) is being investigated by the FBI for potentially receiving “a fancy vacation and perhaps other lucrative benefits” from defense contractor Warren Trepp in exchange for “multi-million-dollar government contracts.”


Sources close to the investigation say a key focus is a lavish week-long Caribbean cruise in March 2005 by Gibbons, his wife and son, and Trepp, who paid for almost everything. In photos obtained by NBC News, Gibbons is seen hamming it up — kicking back with a drink and posing with his wife, Dawn, Trepp and Trepp’s other guests.

Software designer Dennis Montgomery was also on that cruise with Gibbons. He estimates the trip cost “probably $20,000 a person,” claiming he saw the invoice. Montgomery says his former business partner Trepp chartered a 727 to fly guests from Nevada to Florida and back and picked up the tab for penthouse rooms, private meals and expensive wines.

In an exclusive interview with NBC, Montgomery — who’s now at war with his former partner — makes an explosive charge. He says that near the end of the cruise, he saw Trepp pass money to the congressman.

Watch NBC’s extensive report:

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