Gingrich Cites ‘Opportunity’ To ‘Convert All Of America’ To Fundamentalism

Newt Gingrich delivered the commencement address at Liberty University this weekend, decrying what he called the “growing culture of radical secularism” and lavishing praise on the late Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Gingrich claimed Americans draw strength from Falwell’s “life model,” and said that Falwell, who infamously called the 9/11 attacks God’s punishment on the United States, “bore witness to the Truth” and “knew this truth in his bones.”

But perhaps Gingrich’s most controversial remarks came in an interview after his speech, in which Gingrich cited the opportunity “to convert all of America.”

Gingrich said after his speech that Falwell’s death would not slow the Christian right’s efforts.

Anybody on the left who hopes that when people like Reverend Falwell disappear that the opportunity to convert all of America has gone with them fundamentally misunderstands why institutions like this were created,” Gingrich said.

Watch a compilation of local news reports on Gingrich’s address:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/05/newtfalwell.320.240.flv]

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