Senator places hold on OPEN Government Act.

A bill called the OPEN Government Act has been locked down in the Senate by a secret hold. Public Citizen reports:

The bill in question is a bipartisan effort to update the seminal Freedom of Information Act to make the government more open and accountable. It recently overwhelmingly passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. The House version of the bill, “Freedom of Information Act of 2007,” passed on March 15 by 308 to 117. More than one hundred organizations and thousands of citizens have expressed support for the bills.

Yet, when Senators Leahy and Cornyn tried to bring the bill to a vote on the floor last Thursday, the vote was blocked by “Senator Anonymous.” Some Republican senator called the Minority Leader’s office and objected to a vote on the bill, but asked for anonymity and did not publicly state the reason for the hold.

Read Leahy’s reaction to the hold HERE.