The Gonzales-ization of immigration judges.

Yesterday, we noted that the Justice Department has expanded its internal investigation of partisan hiring practices after Monica Goodling admitted she had “considered party affiliation in screening applicants to become immigration judges.” More evidence trickles out in today’s papers. From the Los Angeles Times:

Gonzales’ appointment last year of an immigration judge in Arizona, Bruce A. Taylor, was one that turned heads. Taylor is considered an expert — not in immigration law but in prosecuting adult-obscenity cases. Such cases are important to social conservatives, who form an important base of support for the Republican Party.

And from the Washington Post:

One judge appointed in 2005, Garry D. Malphrus, was associate director of the White House Domestic Policy Council from 2001 to 2004, records show. Another, appointed last year, Mark H. Metcalf, is a former Justice and Defense department lawyer who unsuccessfully ran as a GOP congressional candidate in Kentucky.