Novak: Rove-Protege Tim Griffin Joins Thompson Campaign

Robert Novak reports tonight that controversial former U.S. attorney in Arkansas Tim Griffin, who resigned last week, will join Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign as rumored:

Even before the official announcement of candidacy by former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.), an all-star team of GOP operatives is gathering around him — Lawrence Lindsey, Ken Khachigian, Tim Griffin, Dave Bossie and Victoria Toensing, with more to follow.

Griffin, a former protege of Karl Rove, was formerly research director of the Republican National Committee. He became the poster boy for the politicization of the U.S. attorney process. Former Justice official Kyle Sampson noted that getting Griffin into office “was important to Harriet [Miers], Karl, et cetera.”

In 2004, BBC News published a report showing that Griffin led a “caging” scheme to suppress the votes of African-American servicemembers in Florida.

UPDATE: Atlantic Monthly’s Marc Ambinder adds: “Griffin is advising Thompson on communications and message and will probably be a consultant to Thompson’s presidential campaign.”