President Clinton wrote Abu Ghraib interrogator.

Newsweek profiles Eric Fair, who “confessed in a February Washington Post opinion piece to abusing a prisoner while serving as a civilian interrogator in Iraq in 2004.”

Fair told NEWSWEEK he had hoped the mea culpa would encourage other interrogators to talk openly about torture. Instead, it ruined friendships and prompted death threats. “I didn’t anticipate how palpable the hatred would be,” the 35-year-old former GI said from his home in Bethlehem, Pa. Readers accused him of undermining troop morale, even of engaging in treason. […]

Still, for every hostile letter writer, two expressed support — including interrogators who said they wished they could tell their own stories. … One handwritten letter stood out. It encouraged Fair to continue talking publicly about Iraq and about the abuse of prisoners. The letter was signed by former president Bill Clinton.